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Ural Center for examination and confirmation of compliance in road transport

Group UTSEPS AT – an integrated group of companies related to technological chain   and combined in order to perform   common policy   and coordination of joint activities of companies in the group the field of certification and testing of produced cars.

Company Overview

Group UTSEPS AT, established in 2011, is one of the leading certification and test centers automotive products. Combining related companies' technological chain, but at the same   time retained legal and economic independence, managed to unite not only the economic potential and effort in market strategy, but also professional experience and knowledge of qualified experts. Technical equipment means diagnosis and test equipment allows various types of automotive product testing, with receipt of all necessary data to make informed decisions and qualitative performance of our clients objectives.

The group


  • LLC "Management of the Ural center of expertise and conformity assessment in road transport" (Directorate UTSEPS AT)
  • "Ural Center Testing Laboratory examination and confirmation of compliance in road transport" Testing Laboratory automotive products (IL UTSEPS AT)
  • Ltd. "Testing Laboratory Centre debugging and homologation of vehicles" Testing Laboratory of engineering products (IL DLC TC)
  • "Center of refinement and homologation of vehicles" certification body of engineering products (OS DLC TC)
  • "Ural alliance enterprises automotive business - Inform" (URAPAB-INFO)
  • Self-regulating organization Nonprofit Partnership "Ural Association of automobile business enterprises" (SRO NP URAPAB)
  • Private educational private institution Scientific and Methodological Center "Ural alliance enterprises automotive business - Inform" (NIGHT NMC URAPAB-INFO)