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UCEPS AT - Representatives in the regions

Representatives in the regions

Representatives in the regions


  • IP-address - the unique network address of the node in the computer network based on IP protocol
  • Cookie - a small piece of information sent by a web server and stored on the user's computer
  • Email - technology and its services for sending and receiving electronic messages (called "letters" or "emails") through a distributed (including global) computer network.
  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator  - consistent locator (determinant of location) of resource.
  • ERL - the extention of file names of two types: the source codes of programs written in the programming language Erlang; GameGuard files
  • HTTP - application layer protocol for data transmission (originally - in the form of hypertext documents in HTML, currently used to transmit random data). The basis of HTTP technology is a "client-server" so the existence of consumers (customers) that initiate the connection and send a request, and suppliers (servers) that are waiting for connection request, produce the necessary actions and return a message back with a result is assumed.
  • HTTPS - HTTP protocol extension that supports encryption. Data transmitted by the protocol HTTPS, «packed» in the cryptographic protocol SSL or TLS. Unlike HTTP, for HTTPS TCP-port 443 is used by default.
  • Authentication - Authentication procedure, for example:
  • user authentication by comparing them to the entered password with the password stored in the user database;
  • authentication of e-mail by checking the digital signature on the letter sender's public key;
  • checksum file for correspondence with the amount claimed by the author of the file.
  • Log in - providing a specific individual or group of individuals rights to perform certain actions; as well as the process of checking (verification) of such rights when you try to perform these actions.
  • Site - a system of electronic documents (data files and code) on a computer network under a common address. The definition of Site of Group of Companies UCEPS AT refers to all network resources in the domain uceps.ru and all WEB-services of GC UCEPS AT.
  • Domain - a symbolic name that helps you find addresses of Internet servers.
  • WEB - a distributed system that provides access to the linked documents located on different computers connected to the Internet.
  • Service — identifiable by web address software system with standardized interfaces.
  • Login - the name (ID) of a user account on the computer system.
  • Password - conventional word or set of characters designed to confirm the identity or authority.

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