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In December 2003 Limited Liability Company "Ural Center for examination and compliance confirmation of auto transport" concluded a contractual relationship with decision-making body of VC AT system about perfoming works of the accreditation body for certification of products and services within the system of voluntary certification of auto transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (Contract number DS AT-66).

As a part of this work the refresher course of experts is also conducted, which is currently underway in Moscow. The work are conducted to establish an appropriate area of accreditation.

  • Voluntary certificate of liability is required!

    Once I was asked the following question: how to integrate voluntary certification of services (maintenance and repair) with the mandatory requirements of the Technical regulations "On safety of wheeled vehicles"? …

  • Inspection for 200 rubles!

    Dear clients and partners! Attention ! Promotion! With 23.01.2017 for 28.02.2017, the Cost of inspection with the discount: M1 - 200 RUB M2 - 400 RUB., N1 - 300 RUB. …

  • VI international forum

    6-7 April in St. Petersburg hosted the VI international forum "transport Security", organized within the Party project "United RUSSIA" "St. Petersburg – the sea capital of Russia". …