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In December 10, 2003 Limited Liability Company "Ural Center for examination and compliance confirmation of auto transport" - "UCEPS AT" LLC was established, the main activity of which were: technical testing, research and certification.

Exactly this date we believe is a Birthday of UCEPS AT! And the "birthplace" of our organization is the office building at the address: Ekaterinburg, ul. Shefskaya, 3a.

Generally, the company's activities at the time of creation can be described by the following set of services:

  1. Certification of services (works) of the maintenance and repair of vehicles, motor transport
  2. Certification services for public conveyence passengers by auto transport
  3. Certification Services of bus stations and bus depots         
  4. Certification of wheeled vehicles, their components and equipment items
  5. Certification services for the transportation of dangerous goods
  6. Certification services for retail trades of auto transporn and its parts
  7. Certification of refueling works at petrol stations, autogas stations and NGV refill station