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Quality policy 2006


Our goal is not only to provide our applicants the most complete range of services for conformity assessment of products and services in the field of road transport, we have organized for this. The main task is to ensure that the services rendered by us conform to the most stringent quality and safety standards. This will allow our center to take a leading position in the field of conformity assessment in road transport, to win the recognition and trust of our findings, both among the market participants, as well as from interested state and public institutions of the Ural region.

We must proceed from the fact that the goal will be achieved if the professional work we rely on the international experience and modern principles of the Russian technical regulations. If we are steadily mastering the latest methods of conformity assessment if we are to maintain the highest level of their qualifications, if the desire to achieve the goal will be a matter of honor of every employee of our center.

We also need to understand that the organization of our control center should be built in strict compliance with the rules dictated by international standards ISO 9000-2001 series, and the center will work as a team, driven by the desire to achieve a positive customer response to our work. To achieve this high customer satisfaction is all important - and effective assessment methodology to ensure high reliability of the certification of the results and efficiency of actions and business atmosphere surrounding customers, and friendly, competent and impartial staff, able to understand, identify solutions and solve the problems facing our customers.

We must also understand that due to the characteristics of the certification in the field of road transport, our findings and conclusions do not necessarily remain stable over time. Mindful in this objective fact, we will seek to increase the likelihood of our findings and conclusions as in the type approval procedure and during the work on the planned inspection control. At the same time, we accept the responsibility for the provision of quality assurance to our customers of the works on conformity assessment. This means that, if necessary, we are jointly and severally liable to the customer for non-conformity of products or services confirmed OS certifications "UTSEPS AT".

Optimal reduction of the cost of services will allow us to create many thousands contingent of customers who are not willing to pay more for the same services to other certification bodies.

Believing in the collective prices sincere commitment to my colleagues the general principles of quality, I was head of the center, I consider it necessary for himself, act as a guarantor in the achievement of these goals, to assume the full measure of responsibility for the deviation from the accepted principles and purposes, an example of the desire to realize our quality policy! 

Director, Head of OS "UTSEPS AT"