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Website update. Version 2

It's been almost two years since we "settled" on the Internet. These are not the full two years we have done a lot, we have achieved great success in business and "stood on its feet." Now for us site WCAPS Atnia so many "business card" of the company is an information project, a space where the consumer may obtain qualitative and most importantly reliable information in the automotive industry.

Of course, in addition to the informational resource, the site told its visitors about our activities, which, incidentally, was extended to include: Certification services, product Certification, services in the field of ecology, the Examination of the vehicle by the ATP, changes in the construction, Information services. About every this kind of activity you can write a book, we will restrict ourselves to only mentioning them.

Let's be honest - provide free information in 2006, it is no longer fashionable. Everyone is trying to capitalize on the information. We believe that the future of free information and therefore we focus on the provision of paid services, and all information you can read on our information project.

  • Happy New year 2016!

    16.12.2015. The team at UCAPS congratulates friends, colleagues and clients a happy holiday.   …


    10.12.2003 "UСEPS AT" LLC -  Ural Center for examination and compliance confirmation of auto transport was  established. …

  • UCEPS at conducting the State technical inspection of vehicles

    IL UTAPS at the beginning of the carrying out of tool control transportation funds under the state technical inspection at modern mobile line diagnostics LTC 10U-СП16 …