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Expanding the network of representative offices throughout Russia

Our company has expanded the network of offices for 2006 to 8. Now in different regions we have 14 offices.

We went to it for a long time - the management of the company carried out planned work on the expansion of the branch network all over Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok!

  • How to check the authenticity of the certificate?

    Today in Russia there is a situation that many products produced or sold fake (invalid) certificates. In this article I will tell you how to verify the certificate whether the certificate is valid at present whether he had acted at the time of release of products into circulation. …

  • UСEPS AT ACCREDITATION as a testing laboratory

    On January 17, 2006 "TL UTSEPS AT" LLC was accredited as a testing laboratory of engineering products …

  • Successful accreditation to the Technical regulations

    January 2011. A full-scale reorganization and restructuring of the certification Body and the Testing laboratory resulted in the successful accreditation of these units!   …