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On November 8, 2006 Limited Liability Company "Management of Ural Center for examination and compliance confirmation of auto transport" was established, the main activity of which is technical testing, certification and research. Creating a "Management UCEPS AT" was the second step in the formation of the Group of companies UCEPS AT (the first step of course is the creation of UCEPS AT as a separate unit).

The main objective of  "Management UTSEPS AT" LLC  is the formation of high-performance group of companies, providing a wide range of services in the automotive, mechanical engineering, etc.

  • The creation of SRO NP ORAPUB

    The creation of a self-regulatory organization Nonprofit partnership "the Ural Association of the enterprises of automobile business" - SRO NP ORAPUB in July 2010 …

  • The beginning of a comprehensive work on tachographs

    15.06.2015. Began operations authorized Service Centre to work with tachographs …

  • Photo report of the March action

    Despite the stereotype that women are worse than operating a vehicle, the condition of their cars is sometimes a lot better than the avid car enthusiasts are male. …