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The creation of the Ural Association of the enterprises

The creation of the Ural Association of the enterprises of the automotive business - one, I emphasize, the next step in the development of the Group of companies UCEPS at: group of companies, United by one brand, but independent in its essence, which is confirmed by financial and geographical independence.

The subject of activity of the Association is to unite and coordinate the activities of its members, the promotion of entrepreneurship, creation of favorable conditions for organization and development of modern infrastructure in the road transport sector. Representation and protection of common interests of the members of NP.

Legal help

Activities (codes OKVED)
  • Scientific research and development
  • Research and development on natural Sciences and engineering
Additional activities of NP "ORAPUB"
  • Research and development on natural Sciences and engineering
  • Research and development on social Sciences and Humanities
  • Activities in the field of law, accounting and audit, consultation on questions of commercial activity and enterprise management
Company registration

Organization NP "ORAPUB" registered 16 may 2007.

Legal form of organization - the Nonprofit partnership

PSRN: 1106600002772

TIN: 6659207311

OKPO: 81191826

OKATO: 65401368000

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