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The creation of the LLC to the CDE CU

2007 - a landmark moment for the company UCEPS at: in 2006 it was possible to tell about what happened the establishment of a Group company UCEPS at, but in 2007 the Group of companies UCEPS at - this is a fact. Construction of own production base and equipping it with modern equipment, is the construction of the service station. 05 September registered centre for the development and homologation of vehicles.

Legal help

05 September 2007 registered LLC "DLC vehicle". Registrar – Inspectorate of Federal tax service on October area of Ekaterinburg.

  • PSRN: 1076672037925
  • INN: 6672248469
  • CAT: 667201001
  • OKPO: 82817009
Activities (codes OKVED)
  • Trading in motor vehicles and motorcycles, their maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
Products (codes OCPD)
  • Services in repair and calibration of instrumentation
  • Services in repair, replacement, toning and booking of glass for cars
  • Services for warranty maintenance and repair of tyres and car wheels are made to individual orders
  • Work lubricating and filling
  • Services on repair of fuel equipment of gas-cylinder cars
  • Adjustment of brake system

620007, EKATERINBURG, street KARELIAN, d. 52У

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