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New website - version 3

Our company website had not been updated - you can say that the version of 5 December 2006 "served" the organization for almost two years, which for us is quite a long time. The new site has received quite a lot of changes.

First, the design

The design of the site began to appear the color of green that symbolizes reliability and safety: these are the goals that we presleduet providing their services. In addition to the appearance of the corporate colors in the design made significant changes - the site has become a "volumetric": the effects of perspective and the use of motor symbolism made the site modern and fully relevant to the theme of the activities of the company.

Secondly, the content

The new trend is clear according to the content of the website the services that we provide: that is, now the website user gets a simple and convenient way to find out what we offer without having to learn the entire material of the website.

Thirdly, update

We began to update the site much faster, we have a news section with almost daily updated pages.

Fourthly, feedback

At a certain point we realized that in articles about our services it is impossible to describe all the nuances. There is a need to organize online service "Question-answer".