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The establishment of the NMCs ORAPUB-INFORM

The opening of private educational institutions and Scientific and methodical centre "the Ural Alliance of the enterprises of automobile business" to provide instruction as part of training specialists in the repair and maintenance of vehicles is another corporate "jump" of the Group of companies UCEPS at, due to the accumulation of a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the company.

The primary objective in the activities of the NMCs ORAPUB-INFORM is to increase professional knowledge and skills of specialists and workers in the automotive business. The NMCs ORAPUB-INFORM has a classroom, and a room for practical exercises in the city of Yekaterinburg. The room is equipped with modern Central air conditioning system and ventilation. There is a room for practical training.

Legal help

Activities (codes OKVED)
  • Education adult and other education not elsewhere classified
Additional activities of the NMCs ORAPUB-INFORM
  • Education adult and other education not elsewhere classified
  • Publishing
  • Printing and provision of services in this area
Company registration

The organization of the NMCs ORAPUB-INFORM registered 17 August 2009. Registrar – office of the Federal tax service in Sverdlovsk region.

  • PSRN: 1096600002652
  • TIN: 6673204217
  • CAT: 667301001
  • OKPO: 63354437
  • OKATO: 65401368000

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