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The group of companies UCEPS at has moved to a new office

The long-awaited unification of all organizations of the Group of companies UCEPS at was held in a festive atmosphere was the opening of a new office at the address: Ekaterinburg, street Krupnosortnom, 14, 314.

Due to the rapid growth of the company (over 5 years HK UCEPS at was expanded with remarkable speed) in late 2008 and early 2009 there was such situation that the company's specialists had to regularly "driving around on the disparate offices" and that couldn't affect efficiency. Therefore, the leadership of the GC, a decision was made to merge all branches and representative offices in Ekaterinburg in one place.

This place has become a multifunctional complex "Highway". Were purchased "many hundreds of square meters of office and production areas", which subsequently gave additional impetus to the development of the company.

The office has comfortable rooms, equipped with modern office equipment. Own classroom, equipped with the latest technology, allows to carry out trainings, seminars, meetings and conferences.

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