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The creation of SRO NP ORAPUB

The creation of a self-regulatory organization Nonprofit partnership "the Ural Association of the enterprises of automobile business" - SRO NP ORAPUB in July 2010 - the logical result of the activities of the NP ORAPUB - guidance sought for it for several years.

The Association is the uniting force for car dealerships, garages, service stations and transport companies, wholesale and retail trade of cars, spare parts and consumables, as well as educational institutions, banking institutions and the media working in the automotive business, a tool to support the automotive business in the Ural region.


The creation of an integrated system of technical maintenance and repair of vehicles

Development of normative-legal base of activity of the enterprises of technical service

Creation of conditions for adaptation of existing enterprises of technical service to the changing regulatory, technological and environmental requirements


Representation and protection of property, economic and social interests of the enterprises of technical service

Interaction with legislative and Executive power on issues of normative regulation of activity in the market of technical service Ekaterinburg

Cooperation with Russian and foreign participants of the market of technical service