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The Association of Group of companies under one brand

This year it was decided all companies to unite under one brand for the effective functioning of the company, development and increase of level of reliability of provided services. Combining the company's associated "technological chain", but at the same time preserving legal and economic independence, has managed to combine not only economic potential and efforts in market strategy, but also professional experience and knowledge of qualified experts. Technical equipment of diagnostic tools and test equipment allows us to perform different types of tests of automotive products, in obtaining all necessary data for making an informed decision and effective performance of our customers ' aim.

In the framework of strengthening the status of the Group of companies "UCEPS at" approved the logo in the status of the corporate brand.

March 21, 2011. in the State register of trademarks and service marks of the Russian Federation Federal service for intellectual property, patents and trademarks recorded on the registration of new visual and verbal signs "UCEPS at".

  • Compilations of normative documents fly like hot cakes

    Details about one of the core activities UCAPS the ATA in 2004 …

  • Stole license plates from vehicle

    Replacement of stolen numbers only recently ceased to be a problem for car owners. And if before the unlucky motorists pay a huge amount to the kidnappers, what would the number returned, then today simplified the procedure for restoring license plates leaves thieves without earnings. …

  • Inspection of vehicles according to the requirements of the SPS

    In early December of last year on the site of FBU "Uraltest" held an extended meeting on issues of transportation of perishable food products by road transport (ATP), which the representative of LLC "Termogarant" was announced about the creation of the item, inspection of vehicles according to the requirements of the SPS we have in the Sverdlovsk region. …