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On April 11, 2013 we finished a closed beta testing of software for the organization of transmission and processing of data on the technical inspection of vehicles in EAISTO.

Vectors of the functionality of software for inspection "TO +" are aimed at addressing shortcomings that were found in third-party software products.

We have developed more flexible, fast and convenient software.

The program is distributed on a commercial basis at the rate of "Rent":


Cost per user (representative): 300 rub. / month.

- No need to install software on user workstations - access to the software through a standard browser;

- Drastic reduction in the cost of deployment of the system in the organization;

- Fast implementation due to lack of time that is spent on deployment;

- Payment is charged either as a monthly fee or based on the volume of operations;

- Intuitive interface - most of the staff have become accustomed to the use of web services;

- Reduction of the cost for technical support and upgrade of deployed systems;

- Automatic program updates of TO+;

- Access to the software that is developed in accordance with the model of software as a service and is provided remotely over the network and usually through a Web interface;