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Multi-channel number +7 (343) 286-43-99

We have changed the phone number! The new multi-channel number: +7 (343) 286-43-99.

Now when you call, you can enter the extension number of the person or department.

  1. Modification of the vehicle
  2. Certification of production, testing, examination
  3. Certification of Services
  4. Inspection and Insurance
  5. Production of license
  6. Tachograph and maps
  7. Training Center
  8. Vulnerability Assessment
  9. Accounting

    On February 14, 2014 UCEPS AT Group received the Certificate № AA 002403 …

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    Only we have the most hot offer. Until the end of the year prices on tachograph cards are reduced! …

  • Reflective vest!

    Attention, Action! With the passage of technical inspection and registration of the insurance policy in our company, the gift - retro-reflective vest. …