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Multi-channel number +7 (343) 286-43-99

We have changed the phone number! The new multi-channel number: +7 (343) 286-43-99.

Now when you call, you can enter the extension number of the person or department.

  1. Modification of the vehicle
  2. Certification of production, testing, examination
  3. Certification of Services
  4. Inspection and Insurance
  5. Production of license
  6. Tachograph and maps
  7. Training Center
  8. Vulnerability Assessment
  9. Accounting
  • The most frequent causes of failure of the tachograph

    Is not a secret that the Russian tachographs, whether with or without CDSS, (mercury, Stroke, Kasbi, ATOL and others) very often fail for unknown reasons, and the operation of a vehicle with an inoperative tachograph is punishable by a fine as the driver and the company. …

  • Dear girls, we congratulate You on March 8!

    We wish you a timeless beauty, tenderness and love. Let your dreams come true and every new day brings only joy and smiles! …

  • 10 years of the company

    "A full range of services in transportation!" - the slogan of our company. And these are not empty words and meaningful phrase that reflects the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team to resolve any consumer issues. …