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The bill "On establishing the procedure for assignment of state registration plates with"special "series" was declared in a State Duma last week. The author of the project is a State Duma deputy Sherin A.

So it happened that in our country it is considered to be prestigious and fashionable to have license plates with repeating numbers and letters. This way the owner of the vehicle indicates his/her status.

Now it is believed that the owner of the "beautiful" license plate has a unique acqaintanceship and a lot of money. Owning such a license plate is very prestigious.

Nevertheless, the sale of registration signs has been engaged around the world for a long time. In Europe, America and China "nice" numbers go at auction for thousands and even millions of dollars.

In Russia, however, there is no legitimate way to buy a "beautiful" number. So there areflourishing corruption schemes bypassing the state treasury. The author of the bill proposes to transfer the money from the sale of "lucky" numbers to the road fund in the region, which hosted the auction.

This innovation won't concern сonventional state numbers. To register your vehicle and get a licence plate will be only possible for legal costs on a first-come.

It remains to wait how the bill will be perceived in Duma and the government.


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