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"Communication" is the key function of the activity of "society" (excuse us for the pun) as in certain social groups, and in the sphere of commerce. If you look at the picture of  business as a whole, starting from the purchase of matches and ending with the purchase of an oil tanker, in most cases, we face lack of understanding of the subject matter and specific information shortfall.

Having the right information

You can save strength and resources

Sometimes, we get the same services, but much more expensive, not realizing all "tag line" of an interested issue, as we have little understanding in the area because of the complexity of the issue. "... It's exactly the same piece of sop in the pan. Only toast can not cost $ 8 but croutons - can ... "

Communication culture

Transition to personal communication

UCEPS Group is against this policy and we are trying to fully grasp the essence of the issue, and even go through all the problems of our clients, so do not expect from us any "croutons", "fettuccine" or other "tagliatelle" ...


Openness, transparency, competence

The openness of the information we provide, pricing transparency, expertise and advice in all phases of service eliminates hidden and flimsy services. We are used to negotiate "on the bank", revealing the whole picture of our services. And if we see that the selected service is not suitable for you and eventually you will not get the desired results, we will always give a reasoned advice on how to save your finances.

We became closer to you

Personal phone number, personal mail and the passports are also were returned

Today we have decided to "rip the dry impersonal mask" of general mail of our company and to avoid one-sided dialogue. We thought that you will be pleased to know about us and our specialists more. We have tried to speak about our employees on this site providing you with an independent choice of the object of communication.

Yes, we have not discovered America, however, we have tried to make it possible for you to always directly contact with the specialist you are interested in. We made for every specialist his own personal e-mail and direct phone extension number. In addition, you can always get acquainted with the professional opinion of an expert and read the publication.

Now, we are fully confident that our experts will not miss any slightest detail in the dialogue with you.