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The October Special issue of «industry and Security» 2015

In October 2015, we released the third special edition of the almanac "Industry and Security." Special issues of our non-periodical publications are on the principle - "boiling." As said Zhvanetski, should write only when no longer can tolerate more, at the same time, no matter on which syllable to put the emphasis in the word ...

SBKTS - the theme of the October issue of the magazine

Certificate of vehicle safety design

The main theme of our issue of non-periodical printed publication was the opinion of the expert, " How to register a homemade trailer, motorcycle or trike? ". In this issue, we have tried to highlight the most interesting news of the company and to focus your attention on the new section of our site " Expert opinion ."

AT UTSEPS Group companies

All the newest and the latest changes

On the site we have already told you that we have done, our restructuring and modernization (new site, telephone, e-mail) and we decided to remind you of this, and in the special edition - wrote an interesting material in the magazine itself. magazine pages were "succulent", we have gone from the mean of reviews about the adopted laws and switched to a full-scale analysis, interesting and topical themes and discussions.

We have become more lively

We have become more interesting

Our editor tried to add "flavor" in each topic, diluted meager texts "alive" headers. Now updated magazine "Industry and Security" theme decorated with nice pictures, anecdotes in the subject and, of course, fascinating texts.

The new issue of the magazine - a holiday for us

And what holiday without gifts?

At the initiative of the director in every magazine is enclosed gift certificate for the manufacture of souvenir license plate of 500 rubles. This certificate allows you to get any number of souvenir with your text at a discount of 500 rubles in the central office.

Gift does not happen much

But they are more valuable

The magazine released a limited edition and distributed as "a nice a present" - as it is called in the restaurants "a compliment from the chef." Almanac 2015 "Industry and Security" you can get to the central office of the group UTSEPS AT companies (str. Krupnosorschikov, 14, office 314).

Details of the draw and not only ...

Special Conditions of Use

Almanac special issue number three "Industry and Security" (October 2015) is a printed production of non-periodical publications Group UTSEPS AT , basically uses the revised and updated materials company website, any information is used on the basis of the stated privacy policy, in addition to this information used for writing articles available on the site "information sources" page.

The magazine is distributed free of charge, it is not a mass medium and is for information and familiarization character. Any analysis and diversity of findings is the subjective evaluation of the authors of the articles and not censored editor (which is why UTSEPS AT Group of Companies is not responsible for the opinions of the authors).

Promotions and gift certificates

Terms of use

Promotional materials (gift certificates) are challenging the advertising campaign is not how any type of securities and distributed in accordance with the policy of "adulthood", published on the company website. Discounts and gift shares are not cumulative with each other and operating at the time of presentation of promotional material (certificate) bonus programs the company.


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