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Department of RESPO: end of 2015

That came to the end of 2015, it's time to submit reports on the work done.

To sum up the results and display a graph of the efficiency of the Department in the development and maintenance of software, in my opinion should be done as the difference of planned and completed tasks and the amount of unplanned projects.

2015 was a year of innovation in our Department. As Gandhi said:

"You must be the changes you want to see in the world".

I'm not going to talk about new directions, expansion of influence in the regions of Russia. The narration is a little selective and to relate to the first division.

January 2015

the first online payment for informational support IN first tweet company UCEPS at;

February 2015

the first system of organization of production of car numbers;

March 2015

changing the width of a channel of information services, the transition to Gigabit;

April 2015

first advertising campaign on radio (advertising duplicate numbers );

May 2015

the first service for processing statistics and data analysis, the first version of the DMS (Documents Manager System) for making changes in the design of vehicle;

June 2015

the conclusion of a contract with an SMS gateway to inform our customers, the beginning of the fusion of different;

July 2015

the first Protocol of the technical examination of the vehicle structure after changes in the new DMS, development of internal systems of document turnover;

August 2015

the development of a new website, development of technical specifications for telephony, changing rooms and receiving one multi-channel, contracts for advertising companies on the Internet;

September 2015

the launch of the new website, the first application with the new site, the width of the Internet channel in 2 times, the separation of mail;

October 2015

the first Protocol of certification tests to new DMS;

November 2015

first certificate of compliance to the new DMS, the first thousand of followers in social network "Vkontakte";

December 2015

the first domain is not in the Russian zone, the first video on YouTube, the first automated information booth, structured and graphic reports of performance.

The results

In General, the development of infrastructure and automation of business processes has reached a target level. I want to add that we managed to achieve excellent results through teamwork, great ideas of our professionals and an adequate level of funding for the industry.

Happy new year 2016! And Yes will arrive with You the Source Code!