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SSL certificate RapidSSL

January 20, 2016 third SSL certificate, signed by an authorized certificate authority RapidSSL.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer is a standard Internet security technology that is used to provide an encrypted connection between a web server (website) and a browser. SSL certificate allows us to use the https Protocol. This is a secure connection that ensures that the information passed from your browser to the server remains private; that is, protected from hackers or anyone who wants to steal information.

Why do we need SSL certificate?

The most important stimulus in the secure data has been the fight against phishing sites. Primarily this ensures that the exception of information leakage in the work of the remote branches of the company. Secondly the signed certificate unloaded technical support in terms of issues of software slobodjanyk certificate (These certificates do not provide assurance of server). And of course the reputation of UCEPS at did not allow us to do otherwise.