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Action March 8

Front of woman's day "8 March". This day I want to give something special, unusual. Always a pleasure to see the joy in his eyes, when the gift hit the heart and soul.


GK congratulates UCEPS at our favorite girls, mothers, grandmothers from 8 March, and gives a gentle half of humanity club card "UCEPS at"!


Club card "UCEPS at" entitles the holder to receive a discount of up to 20% on services:
  • The inspection of vehicles

  • The manufacturing of license plates

  • The issue of MTPL policy

  • Examination

  • The manufacture of cards for tachographs


In order to get a club card "UCEPS at":
  1. You need to come to the Central office of the company UCEPS at the address ul Krupnosortnom 14.

  2. Take advantage of any service.


Detailed information and terms of use on the website www.uceps.ru or by phone +7 (343) 286-43-99.


Club card "UCEPS at" allows our customers to receive additional discounts on services and be interested in service company UCEPS at.

The objective of the club card is to ensure constant and maximum operational feedback with the clients in order for their interests to introduce new special offers that stimulate buying activity.

Club card "UCEPS at" is free and is a stimulating advertising campaign. Is intended only for individuals of legal age and authorized to sign the contract.

Discounts on services are only available in the Central office UCEPS at the address ul Krupnosortnom 14, upon presentation of club card till the moment of calculation of the cost of service provided.

Discounts for club card cannot be combined with current card-not-present promotions and special offers UCEPS at.

The discount for services approved by the company's management and posted on the information Board, can be changed without any notice. The company UCAPS the ATA has the right to change the terms of issuance and validity of cards.

  • License plate for motorcycles and off-road equipment

    We are pleased to inform you that we have started making duplicates of license plates for MOTORCYCLES and machinery, registered in the GOSTEKHNADZOR – ATVs, snowmobiles, snow, tractors, etc., and trailers. …

  • Motorists run the risk of getting rediagnostic

    Recently, changes were made in the diagnostic card, and soon will toughen requirements for operators of inspection, making the procedure of inspection documented photo and video fixation. …

  • Our response to the sanctions of the West!

    The restriction of import into Russia of agricultural products has prompted domestic manufacturers to rapidly develop agriculture in the country and raise it to a higher level. …