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Recycling haulers. What's next?

In February 2016 the Russian Government has prepared a new "surprise" for importers and manufacturers of special equipment. Entered into force the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 6.02.2016, No. 81, which determines the list of types and categories of self-propelled cars and trailers to them in respect of which the paid utilization fee and the utilization fee. Of course, this document is waited for. But the tax rates were so high that it shocked even the bravest optimists. On the background of anti-Russian sanctions, the rising dollar and the Euro, this Decision of the Government for many domestic manufacturers of special equipment means one – pull rods! About the production you can forget. And about the imports can never think of!

The need to pay the recycling fee covered almost the entire range of agricultural, construction, road machinery, self-propelled machines and trailers. In the same list of trailers for cars and trucks.

Rates of utilization fee for this murderous business. Basic – 150 thousand rubles. Plus correction factors depending on the age, capacity, and weight. As a result, the cost of machinery will be on average 30-40%. By the way, another question arises: "How does power affect utilization? What's the connection?".

In 2015, imports of machinery fell by 50% compared with 2014. The exchange rate recently increased considerably, and accordingly raised prices for equipment. Plus the utilization fee. What is interesting officials decided to build houses, roads, harvest, raise the country's economy in terms of sanctions? And most importantly, the original goal was to support domestic producers of construction equipment. But in the end our native workers, who bet on import substitution, was in the same situation as importers. For the time being. In the future, according to sources from the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, will be allocated state subsidies to domestic manufacturers of special equipment in the amount of the recycling fee. For this, you will need to prove that you're a "real" manufacturer, not a collector of cars from foreign components. Will be relevant register of manufacturers. But it is only in the project.

Of course, there is the likelihood that a shock will take place, businesses and farmers one way or another they will start to buy expensive equipment, will accordingly raise the price of their products and services. And when you consider the fact that the President of the Russian Federation signed the Law on increase of excise rates on gasoline and diesel fuel, and from April 2016 the price will be increased on fuel, of course, each of us will feel the impact on your pocketbook.