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As the choice of car depends on the temperament of the owner?

Psychologists do not feed bread, give in the dark heads of human digging. A lot of theories about the man lied to us, how many denied, but can not calm down! I want something fresh to pull out but with all of the parties to consider.

Now the interest of specialists in thoughts drew our communication with the car. And it would be strange, if such has long been inseparable from the person, the object suddenly left without attention of mozgoved. Regardless of what modern psychology believes chetyrehstennoy classification ancient echo, they still removed the dependence of the choice of their new car off the inherent, human, temperament.


Quick, emotional, addictive and completely unbalanced! His car simply must be the center of attention. This machine is the challenge, machine – cast, the most fashionable, the fastest, the brightest. Design – explosion color – the flash! Do not forget catchy details like a huge spoiler or glowing wheels. His car is like life – a resounding "no" to boredom. Yellow, purple, iridescent, the colors are bright and cause, everyone should turn on his car. The global automotive industry because it has to constantly invent new highlights, but, on the other hand, it's all good.


Slow, always unruffled, his seeks persistently persistently. The machine is reliable and practical, which will never let you down. Is chosen once and for all, as a wife. Quality above all else. Conservatism is the measure of things. Proven experience and human models without a shadow of a doubt will be selected. All sorts of new stuff, call for caution. However things proven over the years, will go to him at Arsenal. The color of his car, of course, black, maybe brown or blue. At a more practical silver.


Mobile, quick reaction, always cheerful, driving one to distraction with their optimism'm not hurrying phlegmatic. The car is sanguine should be perky, quite boring, all tuningowanych, with superb sound from hundreds of speakers. Sports style – his style. Colors – red, orange, blue, various halftones according to the latest fashion. His car with all his claims that life is an endless holiday.


Impressionable, emotional, indecisive, with a sophisticated perception of the world, it will be a long walk in circles, to postpone, to return. Likely to stay on the classic version. You choose a car rather big, but elegant. Little things in life, every detail must reflect his Eminence. Inside, everything is glamorous. Glass – dark to hide. Color – white, green, for those who are in the house, grey.

Of course, as there are no people expressed temperaments and the choice of cars is much more difficult. However, the main traits a person can guess on his car.

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