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The ruts on the roads: who is responsible?

This question is very common among the motorists and not only. Track on the roads - it is formed on the roads deepening depression in the form of a trace of the wheels. The immediate cause of rutting are, strictly speaking, the cars themselves, because it is they are pressed into the asphalt. Well, the root cause, of course, in the other, as the road is for cars, it does not push for these cars.

Inadequate quality of asphalt pavement, or rather, non-compliance of asphalt pads - that's what we should talk. When the asphalt is laid, do not let it dry out before the end, strengthened by him let the stream of cars ahead of time, of course, the car forced him. Immature asphalt can not withstand the weight of vehicles, especially heavy-pressure, especially as the traffic on the road. It turns out that we pay for quality road rush.

There are some members of the deputies and motorists who dare to assume that the track on the roads formed by studded tires. But this is nonsense. If by trace remained of thorns, he would be in the form of specks, dots, narrow strips, but there remains a trace of the entire tire, reason absolutely not the case, such people can be advised to reconsider convictions. Those who write just want to mislead the ordinary people, to divert attention from the true cause. Yes, Europe banned the use of spikes, but not because they spoil the asphalt, but because of the wheels with spikes high braking distance.

The real reason, not with the best hand characterizes the people responsible for laying roads, is the quality, or rather lack of quality asphalt pavement. Asphalt according to the technical requirements should be laid in two layers, and each layer must dry out for three days. Often, the fulfillment of these conditions does not occur. We always happens that nobody is willing to wait so long, all somewhere urgently need to go, and because of all let all pass. Asphalt is not able to withstand such loads, and that the track is formed. That is, we have to choose: either the track or the expectation. It turns out the reason - people are not ready to wait, neglect of the road workers who are ready to pass. It is possible to find solutions to pave a temporary detour for example. Also, it often happens that the asphalt paving is only one layer, the need for a second neglect that even more aggravates the situation.

Eliminate the track can not be patched only the top layer as we are trying to do is help for long. Once again, after a while the track will appear. To avoid this, the asphalt needs to be changed completely. But we choose the option to quickly and cheaply. Although it is quite irrational, because I always have to change, as a result of doing a more expensive, ultimately more money is spent on the road, what could be, and zero quality. So do wasteful, wasteful fools. Are our people so? Most do not want to think so. In Europe, for example, forbidden road surface repair.

Solve a problem can only be changing people's attitude to the matter. It's no secret that all of the money allocated to the asphalt, the asphalt is really on only a small part. Where does the bulk of the money? The question is rhetorical.

How to solve this problem? Everyone should start with themselves, are not trying to stop blaming others and live according to the principle of "on the job you're not a guest - to carry at least a nail." And if asphalt pavers placed him as for yourself, everything would be fine. We must respect the laws and rights, then we will live as Europeans in a legal state with smart people and good roads, as well as more classic said one problem in Russia - fools and roads. This is a problem of our people, each pursuing only their own interests at any given time, working for the future - it's not profitable, requires time, patience, endurance, does not make money. Make quicker to dismiss from work today and tomorrow come what may, not our problem. Only here is the attitude to anything good will not.

Blame all, the situation will not change as long as does not change the attitude of each of us to the point. If everyone will take responsibility into their own hands, everyone will do all my best, to try for a good cause, but in this case it is possible to achieve results. The world will not change until we change ourselves.

If there is a law, it must be respected for all the same, otherwise it is not a law at all. As long as it is not metabolized by the people and not zasyadet firmly in the mind, and we will suffer. We ought to think about that sometimes, you can sacrifice their today for the sake of convenience of quality, then for the sake of comfort.

We must make an attempt to remedy the situation, contact the higher authorities, it is important that the highest authority knew that power to the ground idle and inefficient use of the money of the people (state). In any case, keep quiet and accept - is not an option!