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Car tuning: drop unnecessary, add the necessary

In this article, we will go all the way from the American "hot rods" as the origin of modern tuning, and to the newest trends in the world of autoparallel.

Tuning as a mass phenomenon, a hobby that grew into a subculture that was born in America after the "Second World". American pilots returned home and a peaceful life they brought passion. For its satisfaction was found a simple way, and most importantly, affordable. The racers took an old, cheap car body, then the donor has considerably dropped the weight by the circumcision of everything that can be cut without compromising structural strength. The victim was offered everything from wings, bumpers and rear seats and finishing the roof of the car. Next, in the prepared body, Villalta "muscular" engine, it happened that I left the old, but with subsequent modifications. As they say - "cheap and cheerful".


But in modern tuning, all due primarily to a wealth of parts and advanced technology. There are three main areas.


The first is sports tuning car intended for public roads. Speed and heavy loads require the modernization of the drivetrain and braking system. Factory wheels and tires, brakes, suspension – everything is sent to the secondary market or to scrap. Replacement parts come with improved performance. Mind you, the engine and its power is still not a word was said, and all because for dashing away important, first of all, manageability! We can follow different refinement of the body with a view to strengthening it and facilitating. In the course are fiberglass and carbon parts instead of steel. For body rigidity installed spacers, and even in some cases, implanted cage.


The second direction is represented by vehicles with sports tuning, not intended for public roads. Engine tuning, though present in the first category, but most clearly its completion and all that is described above, is presented here. The essence of a car in this category is subordinate to the design of the car, the achievement of certain goals on the track.


The third, broad category of tuning, can be attributed all that is connected with the guidance of external and internal style and creation of various autoexotics. Here are just a few areas: various types of paint finishes, airbrushing, installation of new decorative panels and body parts, new wheels. Of course, the cabin is not far behind – here pomeshivayte again seat, installed music system, and even plasma televisions TV and video games.


As you can see, the world of tuning has come a long way – from lightweight cans with huge engines to entertainment centers on wheels.