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VI international forum

6-7 April in St. Petersburg hosted the VI International Forum "Transport Security", organized within the framework of the Party "UNITED RUSSIA" "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia". The participation of the threat of terrorist attacks and illegal interference in the activities of the transport infrastructure have attracted attention of experts and journalists to the topic of the event. The Forum was attended by 400 delegates from 40 Russian regions and 10 foreign countries.

The forum was held with the support and participation of the State Duma, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Russian Emergencies Ministry and other relevant ministries and departments, regional authorities, the public and the business community. Coordinator of "Transport Security" was made a member of the State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption AB Elective.

Representatives of the company "Management of the Ural center of examination and conformity", is a specialized agency to conduct vulnerability assessments and OTI vehicle to road transport that is part of the group of companies of the Ural center of expertise and conformity assessment in road transport, took part in this forum.

The forum raised topical issues of transport security in the light of the application of the provisions of the Federal Law "On transport security".

Head of "Transport Security" Project Party "UNITED RUSSIA" "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia", AB Elected:

"State Duma carried out significant work to discuss proposals aimed at improving legislation in the sphere of transport activity safety. In this daily and painstaking work of the important role played by business and the expert community. Proposals and initiatives of the International Forum "Transport Security" are considered and taken regularly in the work of the legislative and executive bodies of state power. "

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Transport A.S.Starovoytov:

"Only a consolidated approach experts and leading industry professionals will allow to realize new ideas and thus improve transport safety. Government and business must learn to listen to each other. "

Deputy of Russian State Duma, NS Valuev:

"The issue of transport of sporting firearms and ammunition is an important topic for the development of national sports. Government Decree of November 8, 2014 №1178 reduced administrative barriers related to the temporary importation of sporting weapons. Introduced measures will significantly reduce the transportation costs associated with the transport of sporting firearms, and will contribute to improving the training of Russian athletes. "

Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation NY Zakhryapin:

"Transport security is one of paramount importance for the security of our country, given its vast and extensive territory. January 11, 2016 the Government of the Russian Federation introduced the draft amendments to the draft federal law "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On transport security ", which will allow for the further planning and improving the system of transport security measures. Representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Russia are actively involved in finalizing the bill. "

Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Transport Supervision VB Chertok:

"In 2016, supervisory activity Rostransnadzora has undergone some changes. To improve the effectiveness of state supervision of the transition to a risk-oriented model, planned to optimize the structure of territorial administrations, ensuring transparency of the Federal Service. "

Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies Disaster SI ravens:

EMERCOM of Russia is actively working to support local authorities in ensuring security of the population. The introduction of hardware-software complex "Safe City" will be a significant step in the development of the social security system. APC "Safe City" will build and develop a multi-level intelligent automated system of safety management in the territories of the Russian Federation as a whole and municipalities in particular. "

Vice-President - Head of the Traffic Safety Department of JSC "Russian Railways" Sh.N.Shaydullin:

"The current year has been declared the" Year of the passenger "and is characterized by the development of the production of the audit management system and traffic safety in the functional branches and their structural divisions. In 2015, JSC "Russian Railways" will reach target safety with its over-fulfillment by 26%. In I quarter of this year the total number of accidents and events in the infrastructure of OJSC "Russian Railways" is reduced to the same period in 2015 by 10%. "


Business program of the Forum brought together issues of counter-terrorism security and process safety in transport. Opened the two-day plenary session debate on the issues of development of state policy and normative legal regulation in the sphere of transport safety. Forum continued to work sessions in areas of transport. Leading experts discussed the problems of ensuring trouble-free operation of transport task of improving transport infrastructure, the anti-terrorist security in railway and water transport, the automotive complex in the Russian aviation.

The subjects of the business program of the second day addressed issues of development and use of technical means to ensure transport safety, security and protection of transport infrastructure and vehicles from acts of unlawful interference.

The presentation area were shown samples of the latest equipment and facilities to ensure the safety of the transport infrastructure and means of transport, projects on the formation of a safe transport environment, information and communication systems and technologies, and to provide integrated security services. As exhibitors were GC "Epotos" innovation center "Biryuch", CJSC "Modern high technologies" and others.

The result of a serious and productive work of the Forum will be a public resolution, aimed at improvement of legislation and public policy in the field of safety of the transport complex.


Unfortunately, except for the representatives of our company on the forum of the Sverdlovsk region was attended by representatives of the Research Institute for Traffic Safety (DB Research Institute) and SP USFEU Illyashenko SY (Bus station "North").

According to participants of the forum "live" communication with representatives of state authorities and between economic entities promotes the development of a common algorithm of actions aimed at achieving safe movement in traffic.

In this context, our company decided to draw industry attention to the problems of improving transport security: regulatory framework of transport security, development and deployment of innovative transport equipment protection, transport infrastructure protection against acts of unlawful interference by holding a seminar for leaders of transport companies, experts service operation and traffic safety, the specialized organizations in the area of ​​transport security, the representatives of the service personnel, entrepreneurs, lawyers.


Location and time of event :

April 28, 2016 g, Venue: Hotel "Oktyabrskaya" Mr. Ekaterinburg, ul. Sofia Kovalevskaya, 17 from 9.00 to 16.00

Pre-registration trainees until 27 April via the website organizer of the event. It is also possible to register on the day of the Seminar 04.28.2016 year from 9.00 to 10.00.

Pre-registration is required. Limited number of seats.
Cost of participation - 1450 rubles. VAT is not included.

Target audience: officials responsible for ensuring transport security enterprises of motor transport sphere, representatives of specialized organizations to conduct vulnerability assessments VTI and TC officials of state control and supervision in the sphere of transport, representatives of educational institutions that provide for transport safety knowledge, leaders of transport companies specialists service operation and traffic safety, service, staff representatives and lawyers.

The seminar focused on the issues of state regulation on the implementation of measures to ensure transport safety in the road sector;

Practical questions of optimization work on the implementation of the requirements of the Federal Law "On transport security";

Security of transport infrastructure and vehicles from acts of unlawful interference.

More information is available on the website: www.uceps.ru

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