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The perception of the traffic situation and illusion

During the movement of the driver handles a lot of information, road signs, the state of the vehicle, the distance to the surrounding cars. Scientific evidence shows that the higher the speed of the machine, the more difficult evaluation of the traffic situation the driver.

For proper assessment needs to know their physiological capabilities and illusions that can occur during driving.


Good vision of the driver - is the key to high quality of perception of road conditions and accident-free driving. Weather conditions affect the perception of the space of the driver. The distance to objects and their shape can be distorted, which is very dangerous for those drivers who overestimate their abilities.

The angle of vision of the driver at a speed of 40 km / h is 100 degrees. This makes it possible to see the road and roadside with pedestrians. But at 80 km / h is reduced to an angle of 70 degrees. It gets only oncoming traffic, and the review of curbs on the road the driver does not evaluate. The higher the speed, the higher the chance to get into an accident.

Physiologically, man in motion is able to focus his attention no more than three objects. Therefore, when driving in heavy city traffic you need to be very concentrated on road conditions, especially since the city is a risk to miss pedestrian. The vast number of accidents in the city is due to the fact that "the fourth object" suddenly appear in front of the driver, and to react to it there is no possibility. Novice drivers need to remember about the rule of three objects and not exceed the speed of 50 km / h. Over time, the number of perceived objects increases, which enables you to safely ride already permissible speeds in urban environments.

In adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, fog), the distance to the vehicle ahead is distorted. In practice, the car is closer than you think. Therefore, upon the occurrence of such conditions should be possible to reduce the speed limit to be concentrated on the surrounding space and ready in case of danger, immediately stop the car.

The emotional state of the driver has a direct impact on the assessment of the traffic situation. In a bad mood the reaction slows down and increases self-confidence, which leads to increased risk of falling in a serious accident. Therefore, it is recommended that when a bad mood, give up the trip by car.


During the construction of roads is necessary to take into account the perception of drivers of road conditions to road traffic participants are not introduced in error. As an example: in the highlands illusion may occur when driving on long slope that the road goes right, but in fact it has a steep turn. Or road construction, such as bridges, railroad crossing, drivers can be perceived in different ways, depending on what color they are painted. White color creates the illusion of expanding the space under the bridge that leads to such accidents as a jam of cars when traveling.

When driving a small illusion of speed occurs on a good road, causing serious accidents on motorways. Therefore, you must constantly monitor your speed mode. It is proved that the vehicle in front with a black color seems slower than it actually is.

All this makes the car manufacturers to introduce vehicles in options such as radar, cameras, night vision devices. Let us consider these options.

Radars enable to accurately determine the distance to the vehicle and warn the driver if the distance is greatly reduced. And in the cases of ignoring the signal activate the brake system to stop the machine.

Cameras monitor the traffic situation around the vehicle and give the driver warning of the danger, such as getting into a nearby vehicle in the driver's blind zone. Or information about exceeding the permissible speed, or the quality of the roadway. Yet they follow the driver concentrating on the road. If the sight goes from vision camera, buzzer sounds.

Night vision devices allow to "see" in a thick fog surrounding objects at a distance of 200 meters, which is sufficient for safe driving. And at night the driver with the option more thoroughly perceives the traffic situation.

Previously, such devices were installed only on luxury cars. Now they are set and low cost cars. They can also be set independently. They help reduce the risk of an incorrect assessment of the traffic situation, and will save the car from the accident.

Good luck on the road!

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