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Our response to the sanctions of the West!

For two years Russia is under sanctions from the European Union and America, but Russian, as you know, don't give up, and in response has imposed its sanctions in relation to many goods from Europe and the United States. The first decree of the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin became the ban of import from these countries of agricultural products, raw materials and food products.

The restriction of import into Russia of agricultural products has prompted domestic manufacturers to rapidly develop agriculture in the country and raise it to a higher level. Including domestic and agricultural engineering.

What can please our manufacturers and agricultural firms?

Interesting and unique idea was born in OOO "Avion" from the Lipetsk region. The company's specialists have developed a machine for application of fertilizers and plant protection products. The company contacted our certification Body for conducting procedures of conformity of its products with the purpose of further realization in the domestic market.

The uniqueness of their design is that their car with installed equipment for application of fertilizers can in one hour to make ammonium nitrate with a norm of 100 kg per 1 hectare field at the array with an area of 113.5 hectares (this fact is included in the Russian Book of records). And most importantly – for the production of such a machine is used solely domestic components.

Thanks to such developments of domestic manufacturers has become possible to increase agricultural production and Russia's independence from food imports from other countries.


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