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2017 happy new year!

Past 2016 was not easy. Probably the most challenging in recent time. Most of our clients, and therefore we truly feel the crisis in the country. In addition, our organizations, are part of the group of companies UCEPS at this year have been many planned and unplanned inspections by regulatory authorities and not only. Some directions of our activity has lost its relevance and demand in the market. Inherent in our country regularly there are certain administrative barriers. Sometimes had to go to reorganize and redistribute responsibilities. But we managed! And 2017 new year with hope and optimism.

We managed not only to preserve the main activities, but also to develop some of them. In addition, we have a new promising ideas. Some of them have already been realized, others are in the process of development and accreditation. Our new motto for the coming year – a full range of services in transportation! But most importantly, we managed to keep a wonderful team of specialists and like-minded people! In this difficult year, as before, properly performed all social programs aimed at maintaining the corporate spirit. And, it seems incredible that this year we managed to raise the salaries of their employees! All this thanks to competent management, diversification activities and coordinated work of the whole team.

New 2017 promises to be a year of change. Change for the better. I would like to thank our partners and customers that is not an easy time remained with us and was our wonderful team is hand-in-hand to their targets. Stay with us in the future. We will not disappoint you!

I want to say a special thanks to the staff and colleagues for their patience and genuine desire to contribute to the development of our company. Each of you is part of a larger living organism called UCAPS. Without your hard work and diligence would be difficult to achieve such positive results.

I wish everyone in the new year to achieve your goals, small and large, let come true all the most secret dreams! Let the star under the name the good Luck to you and light your path! Good health and good mood!