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10 years of the company

In 2007, the company began its activity "Center for debugging and homologation of vehicles" ( "DLC TC") and in 2017 celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Often it is necessary to answer the question - "What does the word" homologation "?".

Homologation - is the improvement of the object, improving the technical characteristics of the goods in order to meet any standards or requirements of the country's consumer goods, obtaining agreement from the official organization. The word "homologation" is an approximate synonym for the word "certification".

It is no coincidence in the name of "DLC TC" has the word "homologation", because the main activity is to confirm the compliance of products and services, in other words certification.

Since March 2009, our company is accredited as a certification body for road construction and tractors and mechanization. It has the accreditation certificate № ROSS RU.11MT40.

For 8 years of successful work as a certification body for the company confirmed the quality of a large number of domestic and imported products. During this period, over three hundred manufacturers certified in the Russian market and the countries of the Customs Union and in demand for high-quality consumer products.

High professionalism of the certification body of experts is reflected in long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of products, in the absence of complaints (complaints) on the part of consumers and regulatory organizations. This is the best evaluation of the certification body.

Since 2013, the certification body has expanded the scope of accreditation for the services of maintenance and repair of vehicles. Vehicle owners can be assured of quality service delivery to them the holders of certificates issued by "DLC Vehicle". Companies that have passed certification services in our certification body, to provide quality services!

April 2015 the company is accredited as a testing laboratory of mechanical engineering products, which is confirmed by the accreditation certificate number RA.RU.10LM01.

The actual confirmation of the quality of products has always been at the basis of the whole certification procedure. testing laboratory experts have conducted many tests of engineering products for various properties. Be sure - they will conduct tests of quality and in full, and will prepare an impartial report on the results of the work. The products of poor quality, they penalize, preparing a negative test protocol to eliminate the possibility of poor quality products on the markets of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.

Time flies, and now 10 years, "DLC TC", a member of the Group UTSEPS AT companies, operates in the market.

A lot or a little, but for customers, manufacturers and suppliers - certification body and testing laboratory "DLC TC" established themselves as powerful and stable structural units.

The company "DLC TC" has always sought to ensure that the market had only quality goods and services, so it is on consumer protection, and year after year proves its impartiality and professionalism.

Continuous development in the professional field at the expense of the annual staff development, rapid response to change in the law to help the company to be a leader in their field and gain more respect from customers and consumers.

Employees of the company - the experts, testers - professionals in their field, always ready to help in resolving any issue in the field of engineering and certification.

"The whole range of services in transport!" - The slogan of our company. These are not empty words, but significant phrase, reflecting the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team to deal with any consumer issues.

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