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Inspection for 200 rubles!

Dear clients and partners! Attention ! Promotion!

With 23.01.2017 for 28.02.2017 G.

When installed on the vehicle LPG equipment and getting in the GC UCEPS the conclusion of the preliminary technical examination of the possibility of amending the design of the vehicle and in consequence, the Protocol of the technical examination of vehicle modifications in the design of the discount with the passage of the technical inspection according to the address Ekaterinburg, street of Krupnosortnom, 14, box No. 100 to vehicles of category M1, M2 and N1. The height of vehicles, M2 and N1 is not more than 2700 mm.

The cost of inspection with the discount:

M1 - 200 RUB.

M2 - 400 RUB.

N1 - 300 RUB.

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