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Dear customers and partners of the group of companies ", UCEPS at"!

Please be advised that our organization provides services for the implementation, installing and activating device ERA-GLONASS.

We are the only in Sverdlovsk area the authorised person entitled to carry out identification equipment in GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" accredited service centre and regional representative of the manufacturer of the devices of calling emergency services (AVEOS) ERA-GLONASS – the company "ST technology" (Trade mark SpaceTeam®).

To date, equipping these devices are subject to vehicles used for commercial transportation of passengers, specially designed for the transport of children aged 6 to 16 years, the transport of dangerous goods, solid waste and garbage (garbage trucks) and tractors used for towing trailers carrying dangerous goods. http://space-team.com/era-glonass/ .

In the presence of a sufficient number of subscriber telematics GPS/GLONASS/GSM terminal to operate in the Russian system of emergency response in case of accidents ERA-GLONASS model "Granite-Navigator-6.18 ERA-GLONASS".

Our employees are trained by the manufacturer of the device ERA-GLONASS for their installation, activation and maintenance.

Please note that currently there is a Temporary procedure for the circulation of unit vehicles imported into the territory of the Russian Federation http://aoglonass.ru/files/docs/vremennyj_poryadok_osnaweniya_uveos_edinichnyh_ts1.pdf

According to the above procedure, the instrument of ERA-GLONASS for registration SBKTS must be purchased from an Agent of JSC "GLONASS". The list of persons entitled to sell such devices listed on the website of JSC "GLONASS" http://aoglonass.ru/files/docs/perechen_specializirovannyh_lic_imeyuwih_pravo_osuwestvlyat_prodazhu_ustrojstv_s_funkciej_vyzova_ekstrennyh_operativnyh_sluzhb.pdf

In order not to introduce our clients to the confusion we warn that purchased from our organization cannot be used for the purposes of issuance of vehicles.

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  • Re-inspection will be free of charge

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