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Prepare sleighs in summer, and the motorcycle in the winter

Summer is around the corner!!!

As the saying goes: "Prepare sleighs in summer, and the motorcycle in the winter"!!!


Every year, the number of motosredstva is growing inexorably!

Yes, the 2017 season is over. But that is no reason to be sad – because now is the time to start preparing for the next one! And the question here is not about the repair and maintenance of their motorcycles, and handwritten creation of new, exclusive samples of the motorcycles, what else the world has ever seen!


Anyone wishing to Shine on the road its personality,

Lovers of creativity and exceptional solutions
Motorcyclists who wish to curb the "iron horse", hand made

Our company will help to issue all the necessary documents for registration.

In the end, you will get traffic brand new title, where in the "Manufacturer" will be listed your name, and in the "make, model" - any unique name, as you wish!


Can't imagine my life without the biker party?
Motorcycle bored and want something more?
TRIKE, designed specifically for myself – that's the perfect solution for real metahumans and motosprint!

Such a technique we legalize and legalize the documents on it completely official and legal way!
The inspector of traffic police will stop you for only one reason – curiosity.


You like active rest? Hunting, fishing, travel your path?
There is no suitable trailer for transportation of boats, ATV, snowmobile, but who knows what else?

Build a trailer that will satisfy your needs!

Making a homemade trailer will not take a lot of time and effort, and little financial expenditure compared with that obtained with the result!

Prepare documents to obtain a title for any trailer, even a motorcycle!