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Cloud technology

It would be wrong to think that it is possible to achieve such an important cultural growth of society without major changes in the current situation of labor. You need to do first to reduce the working day at least to 6 and then to 5 hours. This is to ensure that members of the public received enough free time necessary to obtain a comprehensive education.

I. V. Stalin “Economic problems of socialism in the USSR”



Let's go back a bit in the past, in ascomputer time, so 20-30 years ago. Remember kilometer queue for the “basin” for references... Oh, and how much time was spent on filling in one sheet of paper by hand, as I remember, already goosebumps begin to run.

With the advent of personal computers in the field of production has increased significantly and the speed of delivery of services, the workers had more time for self-improvement. But no matter how unfortunate it may sound “sins” were still so called human factor, typographical errors, clerical errors, forgetfulness. Constant breakdowns and malfunctions of equipment and application software led to a new phase of computing to the cloud.

What is the cloud? Stupid question, isn't it? Depending on the age of interested in, there are thousands of explanations and interpretations of the purpose of this cloud.

What is cloud computing? Why do they need?

Cloud technology (computing) is a technology of distributed data processing in which computer resources and capacity are provided to the user as Internet service.

The beauty of this thing is that it eliminates most of the problems PC, for example the failure of a hard disk or infection and destruction of data by virus.

Our company uses cloud private cloud (Private cloud) and is available on SaaS concept WaaS. In this case, the granting of the application the user is carried out via a network (the Internet browser). The main advantage of the SaaS model for the user consists in the absence of costs related to installation, upgrade and maintenance of hardware and software running on it.

Thus, the user has at his disposal are fully equipped to work IN a virtual workplace. An example of a SaaS application is email services.

Our service allows us to be aware of all the Affairs of the company at any stage of the work, which eliminates the unpleasant situation of the unfinished business in connection with illness, leave, etc.

Many automated processes assigned to the computer are performed without the participation of the employees, thus increasing the amount and quality of work, releasing a huge amount of time for employees. Thus encouraging self-education, creativity and increase the range of services offered.