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With The New 2018!

According to tradition, on the eve of the New Year comes the time to carry out a certain kind of line and sum up the intermediate results of his life and activities. The outgoing year will be remembered as another passed stage, which has taught, and has given much for the future. Each of us, no doubt, gained invaluable life experience, wiser for one year. Sometimes you realize only in the night, the 365 days of your life have flown by as one instant.


I want to wish the new year special, magical mood to approach each undertaking with inspiration, strength and energy. Let for any twist of fate you are waiting for a stunningly beautiful event that will bring you and your family prosperity, well-being, confidence in the future.


May all the wish – happens conceived – materialize, unfulfilled – come true!

Happy New Year!

  • This is important

    The stability of a moving vehicle depends on the following factors: the mass of the car, height of its center of gravity, base of the gauge; tire size, design and condition; radii of curvature of roads and the condition of the ground surface; design and condition of the brakes; the speed and direction of movement; ability to operate a motor vehicle. …


    Obtaining permission to work on the control of special vehicles for compliance with VCS …


    10.12.2003 "UСEPS AT" LLC -  Ural Center for examination and compliance confirmation of auto transport was  established. …