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Completed another annual event

Completed regular annual action from the company UCEPS in honor of International women's day - 8 March.

All the ladies had the opportunity to get a special discount with the passage of the technical inspection of the vehicle. Conditions of participation in this promotion was simple. It was enough just to come to us for inspection driving a car.

Dozens of women responded to our invitation and brought us a radiant smile and gave a good mood.
This year our expert re-evaluated more carefully the relationship of women to the condition of their vehicles and the procedure of passing of technical inspection. It was especially nice to see the participants of last year's campaign on March 8. As before, we tried to blur the line fear pass inspection the fair sex all girls, without exception, visited our inspection of vehicles for own experience I realized that there is nothing wrong in this procedure no.

The company UCEPS thanks lovely ladies for choosing our organization and a wonderful spring mood! Stay tuned, we are preparing new promotions and gifts for our clients. As promised, we offer the photos from your lovely smiles!


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