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Cards for tachograph and COVID-19

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the Sverdlovsk regionrelated to the COVID-19, application for cards of the AETR and maps without a CDSS on Russia for tachographs are accepted on our website: www.u169.ru.

Applications for cards with CIPF are accepted on e-mail: kt@uceps.ru.


GK UCEPS at continues to provide services for the production of all kinds of cards for tahorat: cards with CIPF, the AETR cards in Russia without a CDSS. Today we offer to produce cards for tachograph at the lowest prices!!!

Will help to collect a full package of documents to fill in for the manufacturing of any cards for all types of tachographs.

Get ready cards you can in the office by appointment at the address: Ekaterinburg, street of Krupnosortnom, d. 14, office 314.

The cost of cards for tachographs:

card with CIPF – 3600 RUB.;

card AETR – 3700 RUB.;

card on the day you CIPF – 2900 RUB


All the details and information on applying for cards for tachographs and obtaining the finished card please call our specialists:

 vol. 8(343) 286-43-99 (EXT.100).



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