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Mandatory optional technical inspection | UCEPS AT Group of Companies

Technical inspection - checking the technical condition of the vehicle for its compliance with mandatory safety requirements. The inspection is carried out by an expert visually, as well as with the use of special equipment and measuring instruments. The inspection of the vehicle is necessarily carried out at the technical inspection point (PTO), since photographing together with an expert against the background of stationary equipment is required. In addition, GPS coordinates of the place of technical diagnostics are attached to the photographic image of the vehicle. In other words, everything is done so that the inspection is not virtual.
  Technical inspection is mandatory for all vehicles owned by legal entities and used for commercial purposes. For individuals using a car for their own needs, a technical inspection is required for motor vehicles older than 4 years when the owner changes and in case of changes in the design. 
  Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that all owners undergo an instrumental technical inspection of the vehicle on a voluntary basis. Once again, we remind all professionals and motorists that a car is a means of increased danger on the road, and the driver is responsible for its technical condition, as well as for the life and health of passengers and pedestrians!
   Fines for the lack of technical inspection will be issued automatically using cameras for photo and video recording of violations. And on the road, if a traffic police officer, during visual inspection of your car, reveals obvious technical malfunctions, then in the absence of a valid diagnostic card, you will be fined 2,000 rubles.
  Passing the inspection has become a difficult procedure. Today there is a problem of shortage of accredited inspection points. Against the background of innovations in the field of legislation regarding technical inspection, the number of VET in Russia has sharply decreased. In this regard, we are glad to inform you that, despite all the troubles, GC UTSEPS AT, on the contrary, expands its capabilities and opens new points of technical inspection of vehicles. Now you can pass a technical inspection at our points at the following addresses:
- Yekaterinburg, Krupnosortschikov str., 14
- Berezovsky, Uralskaya str., 126a
You can sign up for a technical inspection by a single phone number: (343) 286-43-99 or on the website www.uceps.ru

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