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Mashyanov Andrey V.

Mashyanov Andrey V.


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+7 (343) 286-43-99 [103]

"Ural bikers have been waiting for this moment for a long time – and they have waited! On the eve of the Great Victory Day, on May 8, 2022, the official opening of the 2022 motorcycle season took place at the "pyatak" at the KKT "Cosmos" in Yekaterinburg. The UCEPS AT Group of Companies once again, as in the good old days, acted as a sponsor and co-organizer of this event. "

Are you making noise? Hinders the «shovel»*? We have come to you! , Retrospective

"We continue to work in all areas of our activities, including the registration of ELECTRONIC PASSPORTS for the following types of vehicles: - registered with the traffic police of the Russian Federation; -imported from the countries of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan); - imported from other countries other than the countries of the Customs Union (with the registration of SBKTS). "

How to issue an electronic vehicle passport

"Produce for 10 minutes MOTOR ROOM AT the NEW GOST (LITTLE) to: New motorcycles (newly registered); On new ATVs, snowmobiles, snegurochkoy. "


"Set duplicates on the car (2 PCs) – 1600 R. The duplicate motorcycle numbers on the old and new GOST (large and small) – 1500 R Duplicate for snowmobile and ATV on the old and new GOST (large and small) – 1500 R Duplicate for tractors and trailers – 1500 R. "

Christmas price reduction!

"Dear friends and colleagues! We congratulate You with the New 2020! We wish you great success, love, happiness and good health! "

With the New 2020!

"While waiting, I learned that for ATVs and snowmobiles is also a small room entered, and not as previously, "tractor", which is even more old motorcycle. Their manufacture in the near future will be engaged, so that the "extremists" please, change is not something that "spade" as a Moto, a "laptime" tractor in a small room in size as the new Moto, just the location of the characters more. "

New monomer 10 minutes in Yekaterinburg , Retrospective

"Dear, dear, dear women! With wonderful spring day! We wish you much health, how many colors on this wonderful day will be donated!   "

With wonderful spring day!

"Address item: city of Aramil, street October, 173. Work on the inspection of vehicles is performed by the specialists of OOO "Termogarant", with the technical support of experts of the company "Directorate of UCEPS" in Yekaterinburg, which is the regional representative of OOO "Termogarant" in the Urals Federal district. "

To obtain the ATP certificate is easy!

"18 April 2017 in Yekaterinburg was held a round - table meeting on topical issues of the transport of perishable products "SPS. The practice of cooperation between stakeholders." "

Meeting on SPS , Retrospective

"All ladies special price for technical inspection of vehicle – 300 rubles!!! "

Action March 2017

"In early December of last year on the site of FBU "Uraltest" held an extended meeting on issues of transportation of perishable food products by road transport (ATP), which the representative of LLC "Termogarant" was announced about the creation of the item, inspection of vehicles according to the requirements of the SPS we have in the Sverdlovsk region. "

Inspection of vehicles according to the requirements of the SPS

"When checking the submitted documents it was revealed that the certificate has traces of forgery in terms of changes in details of the artist and certificate expires. "

Attention! Fake certificates!

"From 15 to 17 July in Ekaterinburg took place the XIII the BIKE-ROCK FESTIVAL. The organizer of the festival traditionally was the motorcycle club "Black knives", Ekaterinburg. Our company took active part in organizing this event as a sponsor. "


"Application and TR CU 010/2011 TR CU 031/2013, the draft amendments to these regulations, the design of e-TCP, PSD, PSM, the application of the system ERA-GLONASS – these and other topics were presented for discussion. "

Seminar SAMT-Fond

"The Federal service for accreditation is the legal successor of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary supervision in respect of the obligations in the field of accreditation in the established sphere of activities, including liabilities resulting from the enforcement of judgments. "

Rosakkreditatsiya - The Federal Service for accreditation

"The need to pay the recycling fee covered almost the entire range of agricultural, construction, road machinery, self-propelled machines and trailers. In the same list of trailers for cars and trucks. "

Recycling haulers. What's next?

"We congratulate Evgeny Kuznetsov G. with the remarkable date – the 10th anniversary of our company! "


"GK congratulates UCEPS at our favorite girls, mothers, grandmothers from 8 March, and gives a gentle half of humanity club card "UCEPS at"! "

Action March 8

"16.12.2015. The team at UCAPS congratulates friends, colleagues and clients a happy holiday.   "

Happy New year 2016!